Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is R20?

R20 is a treatment technique where multiple laser sessions are administered at one appointment, usually 20 minutes apart. R20 is an effective way to maximize laser treatments because 50-70% more ink can be removed than in a single treatment.

The ideal candidate for R20 is a someone who wants a faster removal and has a heavily inked or dark tattoo. Usually, any tattoo on the first treatment would benefit from R20. However, as the tattoo fades and there is less ink, single treatments are more effective.

Each treatment is spaced 20 minutes apart to allow any gasses that have formed under the skin to dissipate. Gas formation, which is the result of the laser energy transfer, turns that tattoo temporarily white. The white color deflects the laser.

Untreated Tattoo and Temporary Whitening Following Laser Treatment

Single session laser tattoo treatments are usually spaced at 4 - 8 week intervals to allow the body time to clear the destroyed ink. R20 treatments are sometimes spaced at 8 - 12 week intervals due to the greater amount of destroyed ink to be removed.

R20 can not only be a faster method of achieving your tattoo removal goals, it can also be more economical. The first laser treatment is priced like a single session and the subsequent treatments are 50% less. For example, if a single treatment is $150, R20 with two treatments would be $225.