Thursday, August 20, 2015

From Italy to Redding Laser Tattoo Removal

Redding Laser Tattoo Removal now has a 5mm hand piece for our laser.  Quanta lasers are manufactured in Italy and we are the first laser tattoo removal clinic to import the 5mm hand piece for the Quanta Q+C Q-Switch laser. It joins our 2mm, 3mm and 4mm hand pieces. 

The 5mm hand piece is another tool we have to customize treatments for maximum ink removal with minimal healing time and side effects. 
The 5mm hand piece allows the laser to penetrate further to reach ink that is deeper in the skin. It works well on dark ink and after a fractionated CO2 treatment, which brings ink higher in the skin. The 5mm hand piece is well suited for darker skin, with less risk of pigment change, which is always more of a risk with more pigmented skin. 


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  7. I have gone through a laser tattoo removal (in Montreal and California) and I would absolutely NOT recommend anyone to do it...

    It has messed me up FOR LIFE both physically and financially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HEED MY WARNING!!!!

    If you go through the usual laser removal methods. Which I do not recommend, not only that it will leave marks on your skin, so in reality, the tattoo will still be kind of visible if you know where to look. It is a very long process. And to be honest, very costly.

    I had a hook up from a friend, and I have only paid 4000$ for 12 sessions. Which is a whole lot of money, but if I had to pay the full price, I would spend at least 6500$.

    This also depends on where do you live, but in general, it is costly. And it took ages to finish, they have recommended me at max one session per month. So I have ended up getting rid of this tattoo for more than a year and a half, and to be honest, the tattoo was quite small. It was significant as a can of coke. If I had a more massive tattoo, it would take a longer time and more session, which means more $$$$.

    Laserless tattoo removal is where it's at.

    Unfortunately, at the time of my tattoo removal, I did not know this, I know about this only thanks to my brother, which bought this program last year.

    This has a few pros and few cons. It works, and he was able to do it himself. Well, you have to do it yourself or ask someone to do it for you.

    It is a long process, but I believe he has spent just a couple bucks on this ebook. It is definitely way cheaper than any tattoo removal cream I have bought.

    And how long it will take to remove the tattoo with this method varies from person to person, their age and their skin. My brother got rid of his tattoo with in four months, I believe, and his tattoo was at least twice as big mine was.

    I am not sure, if he were supposed to do something to treat it every day, I would have to call him about it, but hey it works and out of all of these options it is the cheapest one and yes you might spend more time on this than on laser removal, but your tattoo will be gone sooner than if you would go with the laser removal option.

    To be honest, I do not know that many things about this, but I just did a quick google search and here is a great review of it:

    To my knowledge, this is the only 100% natural option out here in 2019 to get rid of your tattoos.

    I really hope this helps someone out there.

    Good luck!


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