About Us

Our clients tattoo removal goals are important to us. Just like people who wear them, all tattoos are unique. At Redding Laser Tattoo Removal, we believe that your tattoos should make you feel good about yourself. Our goal is to take off tattoos that are unwanted in the safest, most effective and efficient manner possible. 

Laser Tattoo Removal Using the Quanta Q+C and Zimmer Chiller
Laser tattoo removal is an exciting and evolving field. Recent scientific developments in new laser technology have significantly improved the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of laser tattoo removal. We use the Quanta Q + C  Q switch laser system. It has 3 true wavelengths that are capable of removing all tattoo ink colors.  For comfort and effectiveness, laser treatments are performed using the Cryo 6 Zimmer Chiller. 

If you decide to get laser tattoo removal, do your research. Make sure the facility has the correct lasers and the operators is trained on the proper use and handling of their machine. The wrong type of laser can melt your tattoo ink into your skin, leaving a grey blob that can only be removed by surgery. The correct laser can remove tattoo ink, leaving unmarked skin. 


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