Laser Tattoo Removal

Your tattoo artist may have told you to protect your ink from the sun to keep it from fading. That's because the light from the sun can eventually breakdown and fade your ink. Laser tattoo removal works in much the same way. 

Except, unlike sunlight, laser light is highly focused, controlled and designed to specifically target tattoo ink. Remember, tattoos are both colored and liquid. The laser light is attracted to the color. The energy from the laser light turns the liquid ink into crystals. While your body ignored the liquid ink, it recognizes the crystals as foreign objects and gets rid of them. Some of the crystals rise up and are shed with the skin, others are dissolved and absorbed through the lymphatic systemMuch like getting a tattoo, removing a tattoo involves both science and art. 

By design, tattoos are permanent. Tattoo artists strive to ensure the longevity of their ink by placing it in the dermis (second layer) of the skin. Successful removal of a tattoo involves removing the embedded ink, without damaging the skin. It is a cooperate effort between you and your laser provider.

Removing a tattoo with a laser takes time and requires patience and commitment. While the laser breaks down the liquid ink into crystals, your body is responsible for absorbing the crystalized ink through your lymph system. Depending on your tattoo, your lifestyle and your general health, it can take 4 to 8 weeks to process the destroyed ink between sessions. 

The actual laser treatment takes far less time that getting the tattoo applied. For example, a tattoo the size of a postage stamp generally takes less that a minute of laser time.  The number of treatments is individual to your tattoo. Red tattoos often require the least number of treatments. India ink tattoos can come off with fewer treatments that tattoos done in professional ink. Recent studies have shown that, in some cases, new ink is easier to remove.

The influencing factors are:
  • the age of the tattoo
  • the type of tattoo ink used
  • the colors of ink in the tattoo
  • the presence of scarring
  • the number of layers of ink in the tattoo (cover up)
  • the location of the tattoo
  • the size of the tattoo
  • your skin type
  • if you smoke tobacco (or anything else)
  • your tattoo removal goals
Contact us for your consultation at 530.410.0700. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will see your results. 


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